Thursday, December 29, 2016

Project Based Android Application Development Training Dhaka

Android App Development Training(40 Hours)

🌷🌷Course Content🌷🌷
1.1 What is Android?
1.2 Android application runtime environment
1.3 Setting up development environment
1.4 Anatomy of android application
1.5 Android - application components

2.1 Android user interface design: Layout Basics
2.2 Android Activity
2.3 Android Intents
2.4 Broadcast receiver
2.5 Creating sample app using broadcast receiver

3.1 What are android services?
3.2 Lifecycle of android services
3.3 Android service vs thread
3.4 Types of android services
3.5 Sample app using android unbounded service

4.1 What are android shared preferences?
4.2 How to get instance of shared preference?
4.3 Shared preference CRUD
4.4 User session management using shared preference
4.5 Check shared preference in emulator

5.1 What is android content provider?
5.2 Standard content providers
5.3 Content resolver
5.4 Accessing phone contact using content resolver

6.1 What is SQLite? SQLite in android
6.2 SQLite architecture
6.3 What is fragment?
6.4 Employee database management using SQLite

7.1 What is GCM?
7.2 Integrating GCM into android app
7.3 Firebase Cloud Messaging
7.4 Implementing android push notification using GCM/FCM

8.1 Getting started with android material design
8.2 Material design color customization
8.3 Material design theme
8.4 Implementing material design navigation drawer

9.1 Material design tab layout
9.2 Custom list view
9.3 Custom searchable grid view
10.1 Custom searchable list view
10.2 Implementing swipe refresh in list view

11.1 JSON Introduction
11.2 What are web services?
11.3 PHP class to generate JSON

12. 1 Generate JSON using servlet API
12.2 Generate JSON/XML using restful web services

13.1 Working with asynchronous task
13.2 Working with volley library

14.1 Working with Google map API
14.2 Implementing map in project

Final Project :- Creating real life business app using MySQL, RESTful Web Services, Material design, custom list view, grid view, asynchronous task, volley library and Google map API 
🎕🎕 Course Instructor: Abdul Bari Sir (Sun Certified Java Programmer)
💸💸 Course Fee : TK.8'500/= Only
⭆ Lab Address ⭅
The Computers Ltd. Dhaka Metro Scout Bhaban (1st Floor),
kakrail, 54-Inner Circular Road,
Purana Paltan Line Dhaka 1000. Bangladesh.
⭆ For Registration ⭅
☎ Contact: 01712-733362 (Abdul Bari Sir)

How to practice tutorials…

  • Make a team with your friends (Member should be 4/5).
  • Start to practice one tutorial series along with them.
  • Don’t try to collect source code. Type the code while watching the tutorial.
  • If you face any problem, post the question in the Forum with the error codes.
  • Share that question Link with your friends or team members to solve quickly.
  • Discuss the problem in the Forum along with others - Video Guidelines.