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Complete Android App Development Masterclass Training Course

Complete Android App Development Masterclass Training Course
☎ Contact: 01917-019025 (Faisal Khan)
Contents of Training - Length of Course: (Approx. 3 months )
Class 1: Introduction to Android Development Course
  • What Is JRE, JDK & JVM?
  • How To Install JDK & Compile and Run Your First Java Program (Using Command Prompt)
Class 2: Java Basics
  • Java Basics: Data Types
  • Conditions, Loops, Arrays, Switch-case
  • Solving Interesting Problems Like Calculating Fibonacci, Leap-year, Factorial etc. 
  • Create a simple calculator Program by using Netbeans IDE
  • Magic of Static Keyword
  • Uses of This Keyword in java
  • Intro to Object Oriented Concept
Class 3: Learn Java Programming (Advance)
  • Classes and Objects
  • Inheritances, Encapsulation
  • Use access modifiers: private, protected, and public
  • ArrayList, Abstraction, Interface implementation,
  • Method Overriding- Runtime Polymorphism,
  • Method Overloading- Compile time Polymorphism,
  • What is Exception Handling?
Class 4: Main Building Blocks of an Android Application
  • Project structure (directories)
  • Manifest, Resource directories, Log
  • Android Development environment setup
  • Creating Your First Android Application and run in emulator
Class 5: Component introduction
  • Activity, life cycle, View, Intent.
  • Android View and View groups, Linearlayout
  • RelativeLayout
  • FrameLayout
  • ConstraintLayout
Class 6: Basic Android User Interface
  • Widgets: Button, TextView and EditText, Material Design, Event listeners.
  • How we can handle input events by three ways
  • Working with button programmatically
  • How to build an Intent Object & how to work with Explicit Intents with Examples,
  • Working with Built-In Apps like Dialer, Message, Gmail using Implicit Intents and Intent Filters
Class 7: Advanced Android User Interface
  • OptionMenu, CheckBox, DatePicker/TimePicker With Examples
  • ImageButton, RadioGroup/RadioButton, Dialog, Alert. With Examples
  • Android Toast and display some images by creating custom Toast notification
  • Class 8: Advanced Android User Interface
  • Customized ListView, Customized Gridview, Customized Adapter
  • Android Material Design Features: working with RecyclerView and CardView
Class 9: Advanced Android User Interface
  • Save & retrieve state of activity when changes Screen Orientation – Portrait to Landscape & vice versa
  • Fragment, Navigation Drawer.
  • How to dynamically add Fragment with activity Like TAB View,
  • Android Fragment & Activity Combined Life Cycle,
  • Android Activity to Fragment Communication,
  • Inter-Fragment Communication

Class 10: Advanced Android System Components
  • Context, Application, BroadcastReceiever, Services, SharedPreference.
  • AsyncTask, Handlers.
  • Data transfer from Activity to service.
Class 11: SQLite Database
  • Introduction to SQLite,
  • Creating, opening, and closing a database,
  • CRUD operation.
  • Cursor, ContentValues, Complex Queries.
  • Display data in listview from SQLite database in android
  • Update particular field in specific row using SQLite by using a Context Menu
Class 12: Multimedia and Content Providers
  • Simple media playback,
  • Simple video playback,
  • setting sound in an App.
  • Make a Timer Application.
Class 13: Data Parsing & Server Communication
  • Introduction of Retrofit network Library
  • How to call Restful APIs with Retrofit Library in android
  • JSON Parsing,
  • JSON sending and receiving, connecting with a web server
  • Create beautiful Weather App by using Retrofit
Class 14: More advanced topic
  • Working with Map,
  • How to add marker on google maps in android
Class 15: Firebase
  • Introduction of Android Firebase
  • Android Firebase Authentication -How to make user Registration or SignUp
  • Android Firebase Authentication
  • Firebase Realtime database
  • Firebase relational database
Class 16: Students Assignment
  • Project discussion, Project Design, Brainstorming session
Class 17: Project Progress Presentation
Class 18: Project submission and presentation
Class 19: Final
  • Introduction to Google Admob & How to create Admob account
  • Adding AdMob ad in App,
  • Integrate Banner Ads
  • Integrate Interstitial Ads
  • What is CPC, CTR, RPM, eCPM & Ad Impression and How to control admob CTR
  • Publishing an App in Play Store
Course Designed By
Reza Khan
Mobile Application Trainer at EI Technology ltd
Course Price =10'000 BDT
☎ Contact: 01917-019025 (Faisal Khan)

How to practice tutorials…

  • Make a team with your friends (Member should be 4/5).
  • Start to practice one tutorial series along with them.
  • Don’t try to collect source code. Type the code while watching the tutorial.
  • If you face any problem, discuss with team members to solve quickly.