Programmer Delowar

❏ Programmer Delowar

JAVA & PHP Developer (Oracle Certified JAVA Programmer) and the founder of TWLP Learning Solutions. - a online guide to learn coding. If you’re someone who wants to learn coding, but you haven’t got a clue where to start, TWLP will help you. This site has the step-by-step guideline you need to get started.

Programmer Abdul Bari

❏ Programmer Abdul Bari

Senior Software Developer (Sun Certified JAVA Programmer):Since 10 years he has been working as an Instructor of IDB-BISEW IT Scholarship Project (JAVA- J2EE Course). Apart from his Teaching career, he has been working as a team leader/ analyst/ project manager and developed a wide range of applications.

Faisal Khan

❏ Faisal Khan

System Admin (Microsoft® Certified Solutions Associate), web programmer and working as an Instructor of NIET SEIP Project. Highly motivated Corporate trainer. Proven success in leveraging educational theories and methodologies to design, develop, and deliver successful training programs.

Ariful Islam

❏ Ariful Islam

An organized and creative professional with proven marketing skills and a desire to learn more.6+ years of experience working as a brand design coordinator for a diverse variety of organization and clients. Gained expertise in data analysis, publication marketing, web based advertising, and brand consulting.