PHP Frameworks

01. CodeIgniter (Library Management System)

  1. Project Overview-- Part:00
  2. Setup Project Environment-- Part:01
  3. Change Configuration-- Part:02
  4. Create Own Controller-- Part:03
  5. Work with Own Template-- Part:04
  6. Load Add Student Form-- Part:05
  7. Add Student Data-- Part:06
  8. Save Data in Database-- Part:07
  9. Load Student List Form-- Part:08
  10. Student List From Database-- Part:09
  11. Edit Student Form-- Part:10
  12. Update Student Data-- Part:11
  13. Delete Student Data-- Part:12
  14. Add Department Details-- Part:13
  15. Add Department Form-- Part:14
  16. Department Name List-- Part:15
  17. Edit Department Name-- Part:16
  18. Update Department Name-- Part:17
  19. Delete Department Name-- Part:18
  20. Load Department in Student Form-- Part:19
  21. Load Department in Student List-- Part:20
  22. Load Department in Student Edit Form-- Part:21
  23. Minimize Core Files-- Part:22
  24. Add New Book-- Part:23
  25. Insert Book Data-- Part:24
  26. Showing Book List-- Part:25
  27. Edit Book Data-- Part:26
  28. Update Book Data-- Part:27
  29. Delete Book Data-- Part:28
  30. Issue Book to Students-- Part:29
  31. Issue Book Form-- Part:30
  32. Load Book List with Ajax-- Part:31
  33. Save Issue Data-- Part:32
  34. Populate Issue List in DataTable-- Part:33
  35. Get All Issue Data-- Part:34
  36. Delete Issue Data-- Part:35
  37. View Student Details-- Part:36
  38. View Book Details-- Part:37
  39. Populating Dummy Data-- Part:38
  40. Admin Login-- Part:39
  41. Admin Logout-- Part:40
  42. User Authentication & Access Control-- Part:41

02. CakePHP (Clinic Management System)

  1. Project Overview-- Part:00
  2. Install Composer & Download CakePHP-- Part:01
  3. Create Database & Tables-- Part:02
  4. Create CRUD Dynamically-- Part:03
  5. Change Table Configuration-- Part:04
  6. Create Top Navigation Bar-- Part:05
  7. Dynamic Sidebar Navigation-- Part:06
  8. Data Populating Dynamically-- Part:07
  9. Customize Data Fields-- Part:08
  10. Set Password Hasher-- Part:09
  11. User Login Functionality-- Part:10
  12. Load Component-- Part:11
  13. Access Control & Logout-- Part:12

03. Laravel (Portfolio Website Development)

  1. Project Overview-- Part:00
  2. Install Laravel with Composer-- Part:01
  3. Creating Virtual Host-- Part:02
  4. Create Controllers & Routes-- Part:03
  5. Working With Views-- Part:04
  6. Working with Own Template-- Part:05
  7. Customize Template Layout-- Part:06
  8. Create Database & Migration Files-- Part:07
  9. Use Helpers for Forms-- Part:08
  10. Create Form to Upload Portfolio Cover-- Part:09
  11. Save Data to Database-- Part:10
  12. Show Portfolio Gallery Cover-- Part:11
  13. Portfolio Showing Function-- Part:12
  14. Create Portfolio Method-- Part:13
  15. Save Portfolio to Database-- Part:14
  16. Showing All Portfolio-- Part:15
  17. Showing Portfolio Details-- Part:16
  18. Delete Portfolio Details-- Part:17
  19. Edit Portfolio Details-- Part:18
  20. Update Portfolio Data-- Part:19
  21. Create Login & Register Functionality-- Part:20
  22. User Authentication-- Part:21
  23. User Access Control-- Part:22

04. Yii Framework (Job Website Development)

  1. Project Overview-- Part:00
  2. Install Yii via Composer-- Part:01
  3. Setup Virtual Host for Yii Project-- Part:02
  4. Setup DB & Create Tables-- Part:03
  5. Customize Default Layout-- Part:04
  6. Creating Controllers & Views with Gii-- Part:05
  7. Create Models & Insert Category-- Part:06
  8. Showing Categories from DB-- Part:07
  9. Create Category Dynamically-- Part:08
  10. Insert Job Manually-- Part:09
  11. Fetch and Display Jobs-- Part:10
  12. Formatted Data & Description-- Part:11
  13. View Job Details-- Part:12
  14. Formatted Job Details-- Part:13
  15. Create Jobs Form with Gii-- Part:14
  16. Customize Job Form-- Part:15
  17. Input Job Details Dynamically-- Part:16
  18. Edit Job Details Dynamically-- Part:17
  19. Delete Job Details Dynamically-- Part:18
  20. Highlight Title Dynamically-- Part:19
  21. User Registration-- Part:20
  22. Save User Registration Data-- Part:21
  23. Auth_key & Password Encryption-- Part:22
  24. User Login Functionality-- Part:23
  25. User Access Control-- Part:24
  26. Fix User Access Error-- Part:25

05. Symfony (Event Management System)

  1. Project Overview-- Part:00
  2. Install Symfony with Composer-- Part:01
  3. Create Virtual Host for Symfony Project-- Part:02
  4. Create Controllers & Routing-- Part:03
  5. Work with Base Template-- Part:04
  6. Design Base Template-- Part:05
  7. Load Nav & Footer in Base Layout-- Part:06
  8. Design Category & Event Index-- Part:07
  9. Create DB, Entity & Tables Dynamically-- Part:08
  10. Create Event Entity & Tables-- Part:09
  11. Create Category Dynamically-- Part:10
  12. Save Category in DB-- Part:11
  13. Create Event Form Dynamically-- Part:12
  14. Save Event Data Dynamically-- Part:13
  15. Update Category Name-- Part:14
  16. Update Event Details-- Part:15
  17. Delete Category Dynamically-- Part:16
  18. Delete Event Dynamically-- Part:17
  19. Study Details About Symfony-- Part:18

06. Nette (Project Plan Application)

  1. Project Overview-- Part:00
  2. Installing Composer & Download Nette-- Part:01
  3. Create Database & Tables-- Part:02
  4. Design Main Layout-- Part:03
  5. Design Nav & Footer in Layout-- Part:04
  6. Design Index Layout-- Part:05
  7. Fetch Plan Data from DB-- Part:06
  8. Showing Single Plan-- Part:07
  9. Design Single Plan Layout-- Part:08
  10. Work with Feedback Form-- Part:09
  11. Insert & Show Feedback Data-- Part:10
  12. Show & Design Feedback Data-- Part:11
  13. Create Plan Form Dynamically-- Part:12
  14. Insert Plan Data Dynamically-- Part:13
  15. Edit Project Plan-- Part:14
  16. Work with Login & Logout-- Part:15
  17. User Access Control-- Part:16
  18. Fix Input Field Problems-- Part:17
  19. TinyMCE Editors Integration-- Part:18
  20. Showing Title Dynamically-- Part:19

07. PHPixie (Address Book Application)

  1. Project Overview-- Part:00
  2. Install phpixie with Composer-- Part:01
  3. Setup phpixie Processor-- Part:02
  4. Setup Database & Making Table-- Part:03
  5. Design Main Layout-- Part:04
  6. Design Default Page-- Part:05
  7. Showing Data from Database-- Part:06
  8. Design Adding Data Page-- Part:07
  9. Adding Data to DB Dynamically-- Part:08
  10. View Single Data-- Part:09
  11. Update Address Data-- Part:10
  12. Delete Address Data-- Part:11
  13. PHPixie Authentication Library-- Part:12

08. FuelPHP (Student Management Application)

  1. Project Overview-- Part:00
  2. Install FuelPHP with Composer-- Part:01
  3. Setup Virtual Host-- Part:02
  4. Setup Controllers-- Part:03
  5. Design Main Layout-- Part:04
  6. Setup DB & Make Tables-- Part:05
  7. Design Student Main Page-- Part:06
  8. Fetch Department Data-- Part:07
  9. View Single Department-- Part:08
  10. Add Department Data-- Part:09
  11. Update Department Data-- Part:10
  12. Delete Department Data-- Part:11
  13. Fetch Students Data-- Part:12
  14. View Students Details-- Part:13
  15. Add Students Details-- Part:14
  16. Update Students Details-- Part:15
  17. Send Updated Data to DB-- Part:16
  18. Delete Student Details-- Part:17
  19. Final Optimization of Project-- Part:18

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