PHP & Projects

01. PHP Fundamentals Bangla Tutorial

  1. Set Up Personal Web Server with XAMPP-- Part:01
  2. Set Up Personal Web Server with WAMP-- Part:02
  3. Set Up WPИ-XM Server Stack & NGINX configuration-- Part:2.1
  4. PHP Fundamentals (PHP Syntax)-- Part:03
  5. PHP Fundamentals (Declaring PHP Variables)-- Part:04
  6. PHP Fundamentals (Show Output in PHP-- Part:05
  7. PHP Fundamentals (PHP Data Types)-- Part:06
  8. PHP Fundamentals (Strings)-- Part:07
  9. PHP Fundamentals (Constants)-- Part:08
  10. PHP Fundamentals (Operators)-- Part:09
  11. PHP Fundamentals (Assignment Operators)-- Part:10
  12. PHP Fundamentals (Comparison Operators)-- Part:11
  13. PHP Fundamentals (Increment/Decrement Operators)-- Part:12
  14. PHP Fundamentals (Logical Operators)-- Part:13
  15. PHP Fundamentals (String Operators)-- Part:14
  16. PHP Fundamentals (Array Operators)-- Part:15
  17. PHP Fundamentals (Conditional Statements)-- Part:16
  18. PHP Fundamentals (Switch Statements)-- Part:17
  19. PHP Fundamentals (While Loops)-- Part:18
  20. PHP Fundamentals (For Loops)-- Part:19
  21. PHP Fundamentals (foreach Loops)-- Part:20
  22. PHP Fundamentals (Functions)-- Part:21
  23. PHP Fundamentals (Arrays)-- Part:22
  24. PHP Fundamentals (Sorting Arrays)-- Part:23
  25. PHP Fundamentals (Variable Scope)-- Part:24
  26. PHP Fundamentals (Superglobals)-- Part:25
  27. PHP Fundamentals ($_REQUEST & $_POST) -- Part:26
  28. PHP Fundamentals ($_GET)-- Part:27
  29. PHP Fundamentals (Form Validation)-- Part:28
  30. PHP Fundamentals (Form Required)-- Part:29
  31. PHP Fundamentals (URL/E-mail Validation)-- Part:30
  32. PHP Fundamentals (Date and Time)-- Part:31
  33. PHP Fundamentals (Include & Require)-- Part:32
  34. PHP Fundamentals (File Handling)-- Part:33
  35. PHP Fundamentals (File Open/Read/Close)-- Part:34
  36. PHP Fundamentals (File Create & Write)-- Part:35
  37. PHP Fundamentals (File/Image Upload)-- Part:36
  38. PHP Fundamentals (Sessions)-- Part:37
  39. PHP Fundamentals (Cookie)-- Part:38
  40. PHP Fundamentals (Filters)-- Part:39
  41. PHP Fundamentals (Filters Advanced)-- Part:40
  42. PHP Fundamentals (Error Reporting)-- Part:41
  43. PHP Fundamentals (PHP Exception)-- Part:42
  44. PHP Fundamentals (Explode & Implode Function) -- Part:43
  45. PHP Fundamentals (Case Change) -- Part:44
  46. PHP Fundamentals (Strip whiltespace/Characters)-- Part:45
  47. PHP Fundamentals (require/require_once)-- Part:46

02. PHP Array Functions Tutorial

  1. PHP Array Functions (Creates an array)-- Part:01
  2. PHP Array Functions (array_change_key_case)-- Part:02
  3. PHP Array Functions (array_column)-- Part:03
  4. PHP Array Functions (array_combine)-- Part:04
  5. PHP Array Functions(array_count_values)-- Part:05
  6. PHP Array Functions (array_diff)-- Part:06
  7. PHP Array Functions (array_diff_assoc)-- Part:07
  8. PHP Array Functions (array_diff_key)-- Part:08
  9. PHP Array Functions (array_intersect-- Part:09
  10. PHP Array Functions (array_intersect_assoc)-- Part:10
  11. PHP Array Functions (array_intersect_key)-- Part:11
  12. PHP Array Functions (array_key_exists)-- Part:12
  13. PHP Array Functions (array_keys)-- Part:13
  14. PHP Array Functions (array_map)-- Part:14
  15. PHP Array Functions (array_merge)-- Part:15
  16. PHP Array Functions (array_multisort)-- Part:16
  17. PHP Array Functions (array_pad)-- Part:17
  18. PHP Array Functions (array_pop & array_push)-- Part:18
  19. PHP Array Functions (array_product)-- Part:19
  20. PHP Array Functions (array_replace)-- Part:20
  21. PHP Array Functions (array_reverse)-- Part:21
  22. PHP Array Functions (array_search)-- Part:22
  23. PHP Array Functions (array_shift)-- Part:23
  24. PHP Array Functions (array_slice)-- Part:24
  25. PHP Array Functions (array_sum)-- Part:25
  26. PHP Array Functions (array_unique)-- Part:26
  27. PHP Array Functions (array_unshift)-- Part:27
  28. PHP Array Functions (array_values)-- Part:28
  29. PHP Array Functions (array_walk)-- Part:29
  30. PHP Array Functions (arsort & asort)-- Part:30
  31. PHP Array Functions (compact)-- Part:31
  32. PHP Array Functions (current)-- Part:32
  33. PHP Array Functions (in_array)-- Part:33
  34. PHP Array Functions (key,krsort,ksort)-- Part:34
  35. PHP Array Functions (shuffle)-- Part:35

03. Working with HTML Forms

04. PHP OOP Fundamentals Tutorial

  1. Class, Property, Method and Object-- Part:01
  2. Work with Class, Method and Object-- Part:02
  3. Constructor Method-- Part:03
  4. Destructor Method-- Part:04
  5. __construct() and __destruct()-- Part:05
  6. Class Constants-- Part:06
  7. Static properties & methods-- Part:07
  8. Inheritance-- Part:08
  9. Preventing from Extending & Overriding-- Part:09
  10. Access Modifiers-- Part:10
  11. Polymorphism-- Part:11
  12. Interface-- Part:12
  13. Abstract Class-- Part:13
  14. Magic Methods-- Part:14
  15. Check for Class & Method Existence-- Part:15
  16. Autoloading Classes-- Part:16
  17. PHP Method Chaining-- Part:17
  18. Type Hinting in PHP-- Part:18
  19. PHP Object Iteration-- Part:19
  20. Using Traits in PHP-- Part:20
  21. __CLASS__ and get_class-- Part:21
  22. Late Static Binding in PHP-- Part:22
  23. Object Cloning in PHP-- Part:23
  24. PHP Magic Method __clone()-- Part:24
  25. PHP ArrayObject-- Part:25
  26. Standard PHP Library - SPL-- Part:26
  27. PHP Object Serialization-- Part:27
  28. PHP Namespaces-- Part:28
  29. Strategy Design Pattern-- Part:29
  30. Factory Design Pattern-- Part:30
  31. Abstract Factory Design Pattern-- Part:31
  32. Singleton Design Pattern-- Part:32
  33. Iterator Design Pattern-- Part:33
  34. Observer Design Pattern-- Part:34
  35. Decorator Design Pattern-- Part:35
  36. Facade Design Pattern-- Part:36
  37. MySQL-Connect OO Way-- Part:37
  38. MySQLi-Select/Update Data OO Way-- Part:38
  39. MySQLi-Basic Prepared Statements-- Part:39
  40. MySQLi- Prepared Statement with Variables-- Part:40
  41. Binary Large OBject(BLOB) with Prepared Statements-- Part:41
  42. PDO - PHP Data Objects-- Part:42
  43. Prepared Statements with PDO-- Part:43
  44. bindValue() and bindParam()-- Part:44
  45. Select Data With PDO-Prepared Statements-- Part:45
  46. Update, Delete Data With PDO-Prepared Statements-- Part:46
  47. CRUD With PDO - Template & Database Design-- Part:47
  48. CRUD With PDO - Database Connection-- Part:48
  49. CRUD With PDO - Read Data From Database-- Part:49
  50. CRUD With PDO - Create Data-- Part:50
  51. CRUD With PDO - Update Data-- Part:51
  52. CRUD With PDO - Delete Data-- Part:52
  53. CRUD With PDO + Design Pattern-- Part:53
  54. CRUD With PDO + Abstract Factory Pattern-- Part:54
  55. CRUD - Check with XAMPP Server-- Part:54.1
  56. Model View Controller (MVC) Design Pattern-- Part:55

05. SQL Queries with PhpMyAdmin

06. PHP OOP Login/Register System

07. CRUD with PHP OOP and MySQLi

08. Uploading Image File With PHP

09. Blog With PHP OOP and MySQLi

  1. Project Overview-- Part:00
  2. Initial Setup-- Part:01
  3. Database Creation-- Part:02
  4. Page Segment-- Part:03
  5. Showing Posts in Blog Page-- Part:04
  6. Blog Pagination System-- Part:05
  7. Showing Post Details-- Part:06
  8. Showing Posts By Category-- Part:07
  9. Adding Search Functionality-- Part:08
  10. Dynamic Admin Template-- Part:09
  11. Creating Session Class-- Part:10
  12. Admin Login Authentication-- Part:11
  13. Admin Logout Option-- Part:12
  14. Update Session Class-- Part:12.a
  15. Showing Categories in Admin Panel-- Part:13
  16. Add Categories From Admin Panel-- Part:14
  17. Update Categories From Admin Panel-- Part:15
  18. Delete Categories From Admin Panel-- Part:16
  19. Add Posts From Admin Panel-- Part:17
  20. Showing Posts in Admin Panel-- Part:18
  21. Showing Posts in Edit Page-- Part:19
  22. Update Post with Condition-- Part:20
  23. Delete Posts From Admin Panel-- Part:21
  24. Table for Logo, Title, Slogan-- Part:22
  25. Update Logo, Title, Slogan-- Part:23
  26. Update Social Media Option-- Part:24
  27. Update Copyright Option-- Part:25
  28. Dynamic Page Creation-- Part:26
  29. Update Page Dynamically-- Part:27
  30. Delete Page Dynamically-- Part:28
  31. Showing Pages Dynamically-- Part:29
  32. Dynamically Displaying Page, Post Title in header.php-- Part:30
  33. Highlight Current Page or Menu Item-- Part:31
  34. Contact Form Validation-- Part:32
  35. Work With Contact Form-- Part:33
  36. Form Validation Details-- Part:33.1
  37. Work With Inbox-- Part:34
  38. Viewing Sent Messages-- Part:35
  39. Reply messages-- Part:36
  40. Send Messages to Seen Box-- Part:37
  41. Delete Messages from Seen Box-- Part:38
  42. Notification for incoming messages-- Part:39
  43. Adding Meta Keywords/Tags to Individual Post-- Part:40
  44. Add User to Assign Roles-- Part:41
  45. Update User Profile-- Part:42
  46. Display/Showing User List-- Part:43
  47. View User Details-- Part:44
  48. User Roles and Permissions-- Part:45
  49. Role Based Access Control-- Part:46
  50. Check Existence of Email Address-- Part:47
  51. Send Forgotten Password by Email-- Part:48
  52. Creating Multi-Style Themes-- Part:49
  53. Apply Multi-Style Themes-- Part:50
  54. Add Slider Images from Admin-- Part:51
  55. Showing Slider Image List-- Part:52
  56. Update & Delete Slider Images-- Part:53
  57. Showing Sliders on Front View-- Part:54
  58. File, Folder Access Management & Security-- Part:55
  59. Uploading Website to Web Server-- Part:56
  60. Check Website After Uploading Web Server-- Part:57
  61. Remove index.php from the URL-- Part:58
  62. Integrate Disqus Commenting System-- Part:59

10. Shoutbox with PHP OOP & MySQLi

11. E-Commerce Website With PHP OOP

  1. Initial Setup-- Part:01
  2. Adding Essential Files-- Part:02
  3. Admin Login Page-- Part:03
  4. Admin Login Class-- Part:04
  5. Admin Logout Option-- Part:05
  6. Adding Product Category-- Part:06
  7. Showing Category List-- Part:07
  8. Edit Category Name-- Part:08
  9. Update Category Name-- Part:09
  10. Delete Category Name-- Part:10
  11. Add Brand Name-- Part:11
  12. Show Brand List-- Part:12
  13. Update Brand Name-- Part:13
  14. Delete Brand Name-- Part:14
  15. Add Product Page-- Part:15
  16. Product Class-- Part:16
  17. Showing Product List-- Part:17
  18. Product List with Category & Brand-- Part:18
  19. Edit Product Name-- Part:19
  20. Update Product Name-- Part:20
  21. Delete Product Name-- Part:21
  22. Classes for Front View-- Part:22
  23. Load Products-- Part:23
  24. Load Single Product-- Part:24
  25. Add to Cart-- Part:25
  26. Cart Page-- Part:26
  27. Avoid Adding Same Product-- Part:27
  28. Update Cart-- Part:28
  29. Delete Product from Cart-- Part:29
  30. Total Amount or Products-- Part:30
  31. Loading Cart Properly-- Part:31
  32. Products from Brand-- Part:32
  33. Products from Category-- Part:33
  34. Customer Registration Page-- Part:34
  35. Customer Registration Class-- Part:35
  36. Customer Login-- Part:36
  37. Customer Access Control-- Part:37
  38. Customer Logout-- Part:38
  39. Customer Profile-- Part:39
  40. Edit Customer Profile-- Part:40
  41. Payment Page-- Part:41
  42. Payment Option-- Part:42
  43. Offline Order & Payment-- Part:43
  44. Payment Success-- Part:44
  45. Product Ordered List-- Part:45
  46. Showing Ordered Page-- Part:46
  47. Control Order from Admin-- Part:47
  48. View Customer Address-- Part:48
  49. Product Shifting-- Part:49
  50. Remove Shifted Product-- Part:50
  51. Product Compare Option-- Part:51
  52. Product Compare Page-- Part:52
  53. Load Compared Product-- Part:53
  54. Compared Visibility-- Part:54
  55. WishList Option-- Part:55
  56. Load WishList Products-- Part:56
  57. Remove WishList Products-- Part:57
  58. User Access Control-- Part:58

12. PHP OOP, JQuery, Ajax Essential Projects

13. Online Exam System - PHP jQuery AJAX

  1. Online Exam System (Project Overview)-- Part:01
  2. Online Exam System (Initial Setup)-- Part:02
  3. Online Exam System (Database)-- Part:03
  4. Online Exam System (Admin Login)-- Part:04
  5. Online Exam System (Admin Class)-- Part:05
  6. Online Exam System (Admin Page)-- Part:06
  7. Online Exam System (Admin Logout)-- Part:07
  8. Online Exam System (User Manage)-- Part:08
  9. Online Exam System (User List)-- Part:09
  10. Online Exam System (User Control)-- Part:10
  11. Online Exam System (User Enable Delete)-- Part:11
  12. Online Exam System (Insert Questions)-- Part:12
  13. Online Exam System (Showing Questions)-- Part:13
  14. Online Exam System (Delete Questions)-- Part:14
  15. Online Exam System (Add Question Page)-- Part:15
  16. Online Exam System (Questions & Ans)-- Part:16
  17. Online Exam System (Insert Questions & Ans DB)-- Part:17
  18. Online Exam System (Work with Front View)-- Part:18
  19. Online Exam System (User Registration)-- Part:19
  20. Online Exam System (Showing Message with Ajax)-- Part:20
  21. Online Exam System (User Login with Ajax)-- Part:21
  22. Online Exam System (Ajax Login Message)-- Part:22
  23. Online Exam System (Showing Ajax Message)-- Part:23
  24. Online Exam System (User Logout)-- Part:24
  25. Online Exam System (Message FadeOut)-- Part:25
  26. Online Exam System (User Profile Page)-- Part:26
  27. Online Exam System (Update User Profile)-- Part:27
  28. Online Exam System (Design start test page)-- Part:28
  29. Online Exam System (Start test mechanism)-- Part:29
  30. Online Exam System (Fetch test data)-- Part:30
  31. Online Exam System (Quiz/Text Process)-- Part:31
  32. Online Exam System (Quiz/Text Result)-- Part:32
  33. Online Exam System (Quiz/Text Result)-- Part:33
  34. Online Exam System (Final Quiz/Text Mechanism)-- Part:34
  35. Online Exam System (Error Handling)-- Part:35

14. Employee/Student Attendance System PHP

15. PHP OOP & PDO Dynamic CRUD

16. Building Your Own MVC Framework

  1. MVC Environment Setup-- Part:01
  2. Create Controller Mechanism-- Part:02
  3. Create Method Mechanism-- Part:03
  4. Solve Root folder Error-- Part:04
  5. Default Controller Mechanism-- Part:05
  6. Page Loading Mechanism-- Part:06
  7. Create Model Mechanism-- Part:07
  8. Load Mechanism & htaccess-- Part:08
  9. Loading Database Model-- Part:09
  10. Database Class and Methods-- Part:10
  11. Fetch and Show Data-- Part:11
  12. Dynamic Method Mechanism-- Part:12
  13. Dynamic Insert Mechanism-- Part:13
  14. User Input Mechanism-- Part:14
  15. Auto Load Core Classes-- Part:15
  16. Dynamic Update Mechanism-- Part:16
  17. Dynamic Delete Mechanism-- Part:17
  18. User Update Mechanism-- Part:18
  19. Loading Page Section in View-- Part:19
  20. Fetch Post Data-- Part:20
  21. Make Details Page-- Part:21
  22. Fetch Data Joining Multiple Tables-- Part:22
  23. Display Posts Category Wise-- Part:23
  24. Category List in Sidebar-- Part:24
  25. Design Search Options-- Part:25
  26. Advanced Search Mechanism-I-- Part:26
  27. Advanced Search Mechanism-II-- Part:27
  28. Dynamic Main Class-- Part:28
  29. User Login Page-- Part:29
  30. User Login Mechanism-- Part:30
  31. Dynamic Session Class-- Part:31
  32. User Logout Mechanism-- Part:32
  33. Admin Dashboard-- Part:33
  34. Add and Show Categories-- Part:34
  35. Showing Success Message-- Part:35
  36. Update Category Dynamically-- Part:36
  37. Fixing Bug & Add Article Page-- Part:37
  38. Fetch Articles in Data Table-- Part:38
  39. Insert Article Dynamically-- Part:39
  40. Dynamic Form Validation-- Part:40
  41. User Input Validation-- Part:41
  42. Showing Current User-- Part:42
  43. Edit Article Data-- Part:43
  44. Save Article Data-- Part:44
  45. Showing All Users-- Part:45
  46. Create User Dynamically-- Part:46
  47. Assign User Roles-- Part:47
  48. Theme UI Option-- Part:48
  49. 404 Not Found Page-- Part:49
  50. Directory Access Control-- Part:50